Realize the Benefits of Agile

Madison Henry's 2-day Agile Essentials course provides hands-on foundational training for individuals or teams looking for an introduction, reboot or refresher to Agile values and principles. It includes a combination of instruction and exercises where you’ll practice popular Agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban.

Throughout the Agile Essentials course, you’ll experience being Agile while developing a foundation for pursuing higher performance in your organization.

The Agile Essentials course is recommended prior to in-depth training on Agile practices such as Scrum and Kanban.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone working on or with Agile teams and wanting to know how best to engage them, what to expect from them and how they will deliver value. This course is especially well suited to individuals or teams considering Agile, beginning to utilize Agile or currently struggling with Agile.


Learning Objectives

Following the Agile Essentials course, you'll have learned how to perform the following:

  • Describe key Agile values and principles.
  • Explain the basic elements of Scrum and Kanban.
  • Pursue higher performance with Agile.



The Agile Essentials course is a mix of lecture and interactive exercises as you collaborate with other students:

  • Agile Theory and Concepts
    • Organizational Agility.
    • Benefits of Agile.
    • Agile Values and Principles.
    • Different Approaches for Different Problems.
    • Empirical Processes.
    • Optimizing Value.
    • Project Mindset and Product Mindset.
  • Introduction to Kanban
    • Key Practices of Kanban.
    • Kanban Board Example.
    • Time-To-Market.
    • Key Kanban Metrics.
    • Deliver with Confidence.
  • Introduction to Scrum
    • The Scrum Framework.
    • Scrum Simulation.
    • Creating Product Backlog Items.
    • Forecasting.
    • Estimation Techniques.
  • Agile Scaling
    • Why Scale Agile?
    • Scaled Agile Development.
    • Scaling Simulation.
  • Getting Better with Agile
    • Organizational Culture.
    • Leadership Styles.
    • High Performing Teams.
    • Motivation.
    • Empirical Organizations.
    • Agile Metrics.


Public and Private Training

Please visit our public training schedule to find our upcoming public Agile Essentials classes.

Interested in private on-site or Live Virtual Training?  If so, private classes are available with group discounts! Please contact us at or 844.BE.AGILE so we can discuss your needs.


About Madison Henry    

The Madison Henry Group helps clients realize the benefits of agile software development and pursue organizational agility.

Founded in 2005, Madison Henry enables high performance and optimizes the value delivered by complex software through three lines of professional services: Agile Transformation with coaching and consulting across the enterprise; Training & Certification in partnership with industry leaders such as, and Scaled Agile (SAFe); and Staff Augmentation.

We are passionate about our work.  We value insight, commitment and innovation.  We maintain an unwavering pledge to client success and satisfaction. for the key roles of Scrum Masters, Scrum Developers and Kanban Delivery Managers.