Live Virtual Training


Madison Henry Guidance for Live Virtual Training


Since the spring of 2020, Madison Henry has successfully adapted its In-Person training to Live Virtual formats while serving thousands of students. 

We'd like to offer the following guidance to help you have the best possible learning experience:


Before Class

Here are some things you can do prior to class to help make it a great one:

  • Physical Space – Select a quiet, well-lighted, comfortable space where you’ll be able to participate without interruptions.

  • Internet Connection – A wired Internet connection will be the most reliable and is what our trainers typically have, however if that’s not possible for you, wireless Internet with at least 20 Mbps download speed should be sufficient. Avoid having others on your network using large amounts of bandwidth (e.g. streaming video or music).

  • Video – Check the laptop or PC you’ll be using during class and consider using its native or higher screen resolution.

  • Webcam – Ensure your webcam is functional and supported with enough light in your room. Also, be aware of anything in the background that you may want to keep hidden from view.

  • Audio – Decide whether you’ll use your computer audio or phone (mobile or landline) and test. Computer audio is preferable so that it synchronizes with your video. When using computer audio, consider using a comfortable audio headset with a microphone.

  • Technology Tools – We’ll be using multiple technology tools during class, including Zoom and MURAL. None of the tools we’ll be using require installation or licensing but it's best to download and install the native Zoom client here. You'll need to use a browser (Chrome works best). We'll provide information prior to class to help you become familiar with the tools.

  • Calendar – Consider blocking off your calendar for the duration of class and turning on your out-of-office notifications.

  • Pre-class Information – You’ll receive a pre-class email with class logistics and material that will be helpful to review before class.

During Class

Here are some tips to help make the most out of your class:

  • Come to learn, engage and have fun!

  • What to Expect – Our Live Virtual training is a mix of slides and interactive group exercises. You’ll engage with our trainer and other students throughout class. Be prepared to have your webcam on as we’ll be learning together in real time with breakout rooms and collaboration tools.

  • Courseware & Supporting Materials – You’ll receive an electronic version of our courseware and supporting materials before class.

  • Class Ground Rules – During the beginning of class, our trainers will facilitate ground rules for our time together – please ask or make suggestions about things that are important to you.

  • Breaks – There will be plenty of breaks during the day (more than our In-Person classes) plus time allocated for lunch so please resist the urge to take phone calls and check and respond to emails.

  • Post-class Information – You’ll receive a post-class email with instructions for applicable assessments and certifications along with reference material for the future, including relative collaboration materials created during class.

  • Video Recording – Please note that video recording of our classes is prohibited.